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Sports Massage, Soft Tissue Massage and Remedial Therapy in Barnstaple, North Devon

As a fully qualified soft tissue and sports massage therapist, I specialise in helping people to recover from aches, pains and muscle strain caused by exercise and physical activity. I also offer treatments for more specific injuries and problems – these treatments include soft tissue massage and remedial therapy.

I have regular clients who come from across North Devon who benefit from the pain relieving effects of sports massage and other manual therapies. Working from my own studio you can benefit from all the rehabilitation equipment if required as part of your recovery.

What to Expect on Your First Visit

Once you have arrived you will be welcomed into the studio. You will be taken through a health questionnaire and consultation form so that I can get a full back ground of what is troubling you. From this I will decide what assessments to run and talk you through each one. My aim is to find out what the best course of treatment is for you, but also for you to understand what I have found and why I suggest a certain plan of action. You wont just get treated by me, but also come out with a greater understanding of your pains, discomforts and your anatomy.

This initial session can last up to 90 minutes and follow up sessions will vary, with some treatment options explained below.

Sports, Remedial & Soft Tissue Massage Therapy Explained

Sports massage, soft tissue massage, remedial therapy…with so many to types of treatment available, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Let me explain:

Sports Massage– Is a massage style used for maintaining healthy muscle well-being, as well as for muscle-specific injury or pain. With a sports massage, I will massage over the appropriate muscle groups for your condition or injury.

Sports massage is used to help aid recovery from exercise and sport by removing the waste products of physical activity, improving general fibres. This treatment is suitable for those who do not have specific muscular problems but wish to maintain good muscle health and normally last around 30 minutes.

Soft Tissue Massage– Is an area-specific massage treatment that targets individual muscles. This treatment isn’t offered by many sports therapists as it requires advance knowledge of muscles and muscle groups.

Soft tissue massage helps to remove the waste products of physical activity, improve circulation to the muscle being targeted, and improve and maintain good muscle fibres. Most importantly, soft tissue massage helps to remove all adhesions within the individual muscle, not matter what their size. This treatment is for those who are looking for a muscle-specific massage for a certain injury, rather than a generic treatment such as Sports Massage. Soft tissue massage is often used as part of remedial treatment therapy (see below).

Remedial Therapy– This rehabilitation treatment is for those with injuries such as sports injuries, compact, whiplash, and even stress. Remedial Therapy is also an effective treatment for postural problems, for example incorrect posture/alignment. It is a range of techniques used to get the best outcome.

I will work from the ankles right up to the head, using a wide range of treatment methods to improve the posture of your whole body. Treatments included in remedial therapy may include soft tissue massage, soft tissue release, ultra sound, conditioning and or flexibility exercises, and mobility work. As part of your rehabilitation treatment, you may receive a personalised exercise program to complete, designed to complement your one-on-one therapy and get you on the road to recovery!

A Highly Recommended Therapy Service in North Devon – Check Availability

Matt often has limited availability for his personal training and massage services, but he is currently taking appointments Monday to Saturday and will always try and accommodate you.

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