Welcome To Tarka Fitness And Therapy - Personal Training and Massage Therapy in North Devon.

If you’re looking to get active and improve your fitness, or have a muscle related injury, then Tarka Fitness can help. As a Personal Trainer and Sports Masseuse based in Barnstaple, I provide clients across North Devon with personalised services. My extensive range of health and fitness services includes:

My name is Matt Wallin, owner of Tarka Fitness in North Devon. I am a highly trained and qualified fitness specialist specialising in Personal Training and Massage Therapy. I have many clients who come to me following a GP Referral, for whom I provide rehabilitation programmes and fitness training for conditions and injuries that can be treated or managed by improving the patient’s fitness and strength. I work alongside clients and GPs to design a fitness and nutrition plan, that aim to improve client well-being, aid injury recovery, and/or alleviate pain or trauma caused by conditions such as stress, injuries, posture issues and much more.


A Personal Training Who Designs Programmes to Work for YOU

As your personal trainer, I will work closely with you to design a regime that suits your current fitness levels, and has positive end results in mind. My fitness plans are tailored to work with your body type; encompassing both exercise and nutrition to help you to achieve your health and fitness goals in a progressive, realistic and healthy manner. No matter who your are, what age you are or where your starting point is I can help push you towards achieving your goals! Remember your journey is about YOU, so that is where the focus lies.

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