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by Julie Rinder on Tarka Fitness & Therapy

I visited Matt for a bit of help losing weight - I thought I was doing the right things but it wasn't working. Matt showed me where I'd been going wrong and tweaked my diet and exercise routine which brought instant results BUT he did so much more than that - with his help I've transformed my health and fitness and have never felt better! Matt gives you a truly individual service, tailored to your specific needs, and works at your own pace. He is always positive and professional and I would recommend him 100%.

by Patricia on Tarka Fitness & Therapy
Back Pain

After only a couple of treatments, Matt was able to rid me of the back pain that I had been struggling with for several months.  I found him to be very thorough in his initial examination and, as well as having the skillls to analyse and treat the problem, he is also a very sympathetic and genuine person.  I cannot recommend him too highly.

by colin Tovey on Tarka Fitness & Therapy

I went to Matt with lumber pain,lower Back and hip problems. matt was able to fix after a few sessions, great no pain. he is very cleaver and is highley recommended by me.

by Karen on Tarka Fitness & Therapy

You will never know how grateful I am for all your help. To think last year I struggled to walk up a flight of stairs and now I'm training to walk 100km.

I never thought I would be able to do anything like this again. You have got me further than I ever dreamed was possible.

You have literally given me my life back and I will never be able to thank you enough.

by Corinne Lethaby on Tarka Fitness & Therapy
lower back pain

I went to see Matt due to increasing lower back pain after being recommended by my husband, whom matt had helped previously. I usually can't abide seeing doctors and physios and will do anything to avoid it. However, I can not say enough how grateful I am to Matt; he instantly put me at ease, was polite, professional, sensitive and respectful at all times. His approach was new to me but highly effective. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him - nor would my husband. Thank you Matt

by Jackie Hookins on Tarka Fitness & Therapy
Excellent Results

When my chiropractor suggested that I should do a spinal rehab course with Matt in order to improve my core strength, I was filled with horror and remembered the humiliating times my school gym mistress had put me through as though it was yesterday. However, I knew I couldn't carry on with the constant pain I had due to a torn disc, so I agreed to do the course. Matt was considerate at all times and treated me with respect and encouragement. Gradually my core strength improved and I was able to be more active and to live a normal life again. It was the best decision I have made in a long time and I will be eternally grateful to Matt.

by Iain on Tarka Fitness & Therapy
Shoulder Pain

Matt has been great. I am a biker of nearly 30 years and as such had a few serious injury's and matt has been able to work with me and my range of movement and pain has extremely well managed.

by Jo on Tarka Fitness & Therapy

Matt is incredibly knowledgeable! I feel the difference every time I have a massage with him. Brilliant pressure and very professional! Thank you Matt!

by Sarah on Tarka Fitness & Therapy
Aches & Pains

I recently referred someone with various aches/pains etc to MATT At Tarka Fitness. They were so pleased at results in first session. The dedication & experience & quality of care genuinely shines through. I’m also using MATT as a PT at the moment. He is helping me with the challenge of eating more healthily & weight loss.

I really recommend MATT. Book your session with him & find out for yourself.

by colin Tovey on Tarka Fitness & Therapy
pain releafe

I had been suffering with very bad pains in my arm thigh and lumber region. Most mornings it could take up to 10 minutes to dress. Some nights i had to sleep in a chair, because of pain.. a friend recommended me to matthew. After two sessions with matthew I was able to sleep without pain, with two more sessions and exercises he gave me, I was 60% better I have had six sessions in all and at the age of 70 I am 99% better. pain free. what was pain.. I can only speak very highly of the treatment and exercises I received from matthew and comes highly recommended.

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