High Street Diets Part 2

Wow time has flown by and I’d like to apologise as its been so long since my last post.

 Anyway just a recap on what I spoke about last time. I spoke about certain diets and dieting styles such as low fat diets, carbohydrate free diets, if these diets work and are they healthy. If these are topics your interested in I suggest you either read some of your own research or look at my blog to see what I think of them.

 Now just a recap on what I shall be talking about tonight: one food diets, calorie counting diets, liquid diets, detox diets and lastly diet shakes and please remember what I discuss is my own opinion but I do try to stay fair and put out some evidence.

So lets kick things off with one food diets. You’ve all see or heard about them cabbage soup, carrots, fish; the basic idea is that you eat the same thing over and over for a week or longer if you can hack it. So does it work? Mostly likely if done as instructed by the guidelines set, yes you will probably lose weight. Is it healthy? In my opinion not on your nelly! Firstly why would you want to eat the same thing over and over that’s just boring. Food should be enjoyed, and if your not enjoying what your eating then your not going to be happy in general. Now for some of the facts. Unless these is “magic” food which contains absolutely everything our bodies require then by eating like this you will become deficient in certain vitamins, minerals and possible proteins, fats and other essential dietary needs. Now I don’t speak for all people, but most of us don’t get enough of certain vitamins and minerals as it is so why put the extra strain on your body, its just doesn’t make sense (I will be saying that a lot tonight). I’d like to put on two of the others on the end of this rant which are detox and liquid diets both of which I again will say what’s the point? Ill start with detox. Firstly what do they mean by detox? Do they know what detox means? Probably not as the people selling them have most likely just been given a sheet to read off when someone talks to them and have very little nutritional knowledge themselves. Secondly why detox if your not 100% on what it means or what it does. Use the money you would spend on the products and talk to a dietician. Now liquid diets these are tricky and I’ll tell you why. They are very had to do as everything you consume is a liquid no cheeky snacks or chocolate (unless you melt it I suppose). Do they work? Yes, however everyone I know who has tried didn’t lose as much as they would have liked and they all say it was very hard, but did feel better and more energetic. Whether or not this is due to the fact food you can liquidise and still be tasty and look appetising are probably healthier anyway so has that got anything to do with it? Maybe. Is it healthy? It isn’t unhealthy and like I said the food you’d be consuming would probably be better than what your currently eating anyway.

On that note lets go on to diet shakes or “meal replacements”, again what’s the point?? Instead of eating a meal have a shake instead….. why not just eat a smaller portion or something healthier instead on buying a £30+ supplement to have rather than something you can eat, its just stupid. End.

Okay so last, but not least calorie counting diets. Now there are a lot aspects you need to consider if trying this style, the first being how many do you need??? The government say 2500 kcal for men and 2000 kcal for women, so this must be right, right? Wrong! Again the number you need needs to be broken down into more detailed aspects such as; your sex, age, size, weight goal or target, activity level, exercise level (yes they are two different things), Any special requirements and so on, we are not all the same therefore our dietary intakes are not all the same. All of these factors will determine how many calories you need so ask yourself, how many do you need? Any idea? Neither do a lot of people don’t worry your not alone.

Now just to make things a little more complicated once you know what you need, you need to decide where those “calories” are going to come from??? Fat, Protein, Carbohydrates, Sugar(simple carbs)???? Depending on your life style and training habits will decide what you need for you most of the time you just have to know what that is…… Just another ball to throw in the mix. So lets throw in some more, there are so many I simply don’t have the time to mention them all but here are two which are very important to me. What time are you going to eat and what are you going to eat at that time. When you eat, you release hormones(Leptin) to tell you your full or if you haven’t eaten(Ghrelin), so my understanding how these hormones work will help greatly. Ill wrap this up with my last comment going back to what do you eat and when. I feel the easiest way to think about this is your blood. Your blood has sugar levels, you eat they go up, you don’t eat they go down, simple. High blood sugar level can give some a high or “sugar rush” so think when is the best time for you to eat? Not just before you go to bed Ill tell you that.

So calorie counters, Does it work? Yes if done correctly and properly. Is it healthy? Yes if done correctly but unfortunately most of the groups you see don’t do it or teach you how to do it correctly because they don’t know themselves. Talk to a health/fitness professional and get better advice and learn something.

Thank you for reading, yes this has been more of a rant but its a start. Please feel free to ask questions or seek advice I do help with nutrition and can help you.

One last thing please comment and post what you think and any future ideas for blogs, I’m open to any health, fitness or nutritional ideas.

Thanks guys hope you enjoyed.

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